About Us

For over 50 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing design, quality, service and selection of the highest caliber, Every day.
And while business needs change, our commitment to these four guidelines has proven to be timeless, and a real asset to our clients - Retailers just like you!
We offer a wide range of beautiful and original home and garden items to ensure there is something special for everyone who walks through your door.
Our exclusive research, product development team and marketing staff enable us to determine what will fly off your shelves and keep your customers coming back for more!


Fine artistry goes into creating the unique products we sell. Our top designers use a variety of materials in all types of mediums to provide a real “wow!” factor for you and your customer.

Selection and the Bottom Line

Owning our own manufacturing facility means we have the ability to oversee the entire process when creating our vast selection of exciting products.

Sales and Service

Our superior customer service further defines our commitment to you and your business. Each service member is well trained to quickly and thoroughly meet your needs and requests


As a division of CCC Associates, we have access to higher quality materials and lower price points
around the world-- quality and savings that are passed on to you.